Alite 3 HVLS Fans

This simple high volume low speed fan design, ideal for industrial settings, provides necessary air movement up to 177,000 CFM. Operating on a 0.75 kW (1 Hp) gear motor, minimal power consumption is combined with impressive air volumes to create the highly efficient Alite 3.

High Volume Low Speed Fans

Alite 3 Fans are a green power breakthrough which allows our High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans to deliver previously impossible levels of performance.

Benefits of Alite 3 HVLS Fans

This cost-effective alternative to traditional high volume low speed fans provides:

  • 288 CFM/Watt per 7.1 m (23') fan 
  • 148 CFM/Watt per 4.7 m (15') fan

Impressive efficiency is possible by this 3-bladed design that minimizes weight while providing continuous air movement throughout the area of influence.

  • Cost Effective Alternative
  • Nominal Power Consumption
  • Inexpensive Operation
  • Quiet Performance
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Less Weight

Alite 3 Stats

15' & 23'

Diameter Fans


CFM (Air Movement)


Unique Design


Approx. Operating Cost

Technical Specifications

  • Fans available in 15' and 23' diameters (4.7 m and 7.1 m).
  • Capable of moving nearly 177,184 CFM (83,621 l/s).
  • Operates on 1 Hp (0.75 kW).
  • Variable frequency drive provides soft start and full variable speed operation.
  • Creates a non-disruptive airflow.

Alite 3 Advantage

Our unique blade design outperform all conventional airfoils. They accomplish this by:

  • Offering stall angles as high as 22°. 
  • Always stalling gradually.
  • Minimizing span-wise pumping.
  • Eliminating tip stalling and lowering noise.


Envira-North's safety clips prevent the hub and blade assembly from separating or coming off even in the unlikely event of a catastrophic failure of the hub or drive system.