What is the Maximum Speed for a Fan & Why Not Faster?

All professionally designed ceilings fans should be preprogrammed for a both a minimum and a maximum speed. This provides the user of the ceiling fan to operate within safe and efficient parameters.

By spinning the fan below the minimum set speed, the fan would be consuming energy, but not moving enough air to be effective in a space. The same is somewhat true with extending the speed of a ceiling fan beyond the preprogrammed maximum speed. While the ceiling fan will spin faster, the energy consumption will increase, but the volume of air and velocity of air will not increase with it.

Technically, the maximum speed of a ceiling fan can be increased. However, the only additional gain in doing so is an increase in energy consumed. Performance of a ceiling fan will not improve by making it go faster. To improve the performance of a ceiling fan, consult a professional for recommendations. 

"Performance of a ceiling fan will not improve by making it go faster "

Dean Wood - General Manager, Envira-North Systems Ltd.

Since 2007, Dean has sold, serviced and installed HVLS projects in countless applications on every continent around the world.  His experience and knowledge are key components to the continued success our sales and distribution partners.