What Are the Benefits of HVLS Fans?

High Volume Low Speed fans (aka Large Diameter Ceiling Fans – LDCF) have a wide variety of different benefits to a wide variety of different applications. Traditionally designed to provide cooling to dairy cows, these fans now provide cooling to all occupants of structures (primarily people). They also are commonly used to reduce heating costs by ‘de-stratifying’ hot/warm air. This also improves comfort level in colder climates for occupants. All while saving energy and improving the building’s bottom line.

Did you know that HVLS fans help dry wet floors and reduce Slips, Trips and Falls (the number one cause of workplace injuries)? Or that proper selection and placement of HVLS Fans at the design stage can reduce ductwork and heating/cooling load that more than offset the capital cost for HVLS? Large diameter ceiling fans are regularly used to prevent humidity from settling on packaged goods to maintain integrity of cardboard packaging. These fans are even used as a deterrent to prevent bird nesting in the ceiling.

"At the root of all these benefits is one thing… occupant comfort. "

At the root of all these benefits is one thing… occupant comfort. That’s because occupant comfort is what drives any business forward. It could be a restaurant patio that encourages another food/drink order because the diners are more comfortable or a production worker increasing productivity or a dairy cow making more/better milk. By increasing occupant comfort a HVLS fan generates significant continual return on investment, while minimizing energy consumption.  

Dean Wood - General Manager, Envira-North Systems Ltd.

Since 2007, Dean has sold, serviced and installed HVLS projects in countless applications on every continent around the world.  His experience and knowledge are key components to the continued success our sales and distribution partners.