Aisle-Air Fans

Altra-Air Door Seal Unit

This fan creates a focused air flow of extreme velocity that offers high impact occupant cooling. It also controls insects, keeps floors dry and eliminates temperature differential in tight spaces (such as racking).

Heavy Duty, High Speed
Performance-Driven Design

Focused air movement with minimal maintenance.

Why Choose Aisle-Air Fans?

The minimal foot print enables the Aisle-Air to be utilized in environments where space is at a premium. Flexible mounting options allows the fan to mounted directly on the racking, structural posts or from the ceiling.

Connect the Aisle-Air to your building automation system or utilize the TouchAIR Control for all your Envira-North products.

Benefits of the Aisle-Air Fan

  • Air Velocity: Capable of delivering speeds up to 15MPH, ensuring effective air movement across aisles up to 100 feet long!
  • Peak Performance: A robust 1600RPM speed for consistent and effective airflow.
  • Durability and Control: Rated IP55 with integrated controls, designed for longevity and ease of use.
  • Connectivity: Features MODBUS signal compatibility for seamless integration with modern control systems.
  • Maintenance-Free Operation: Engineered for minimal upkeep, a reliable and long-term solution.

Aisle-Air Stats

3500 fpm

Max. Velocity

20' x 100'

Coverage Area



1600 rpm


Case Study

Altra-Air Door Seal


At a large warehouse facility, the challenge was maintaining a comfortable temperature and airflow in the narrow aisle between storage racks. These aisles were prone to stagnant air, creating discomfort for staff working long hours in these spaces. Additionally, the lack of air circulation created varying temperatures throughout the entire warehouse. Therefore, resulted in inefficiencies in heating, and cooling and led to escalated energy costs.


After a partner evaluated the layout and the airflow dynamics. The proposed solution was to install multiple Aisle-Air fans strategically along the length of the aisles. With each Aisle-Air fan specifically designed to generate a focused and powerful airflow, perfectly suited for a situation like this. After installation, the fans were pivotal and were able to create consistent and comfortable air circulation in these tight spaces throughout their facility.


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