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New Partnership

Northern Dock Systems

Envira-North Systems, in cooperation with Northern Dock Systems is proud to announce our partnership for distribution of Altra-Air Fans across Canada. Press Release

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January 22-25, 2015

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Innovative & Energy Efficient Ventilation Products

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Envira-North Systems Ltd. is thrilled with the positive response to their Altra-Air Fan with WhalePower Technology™. These fans are a green power breakthrough which allows our High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans to deliver previously impossible levels of performance.

Our energy efficient ceiling fans features a five-bladed design that can move more air than ever before with 20 percent more efficiency.

Contact us today to find out how your facility can benefit from the Altra-Air Fan w/WhalePower Technology™.

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St.Louis Post - "Cool breezes will blow through the Muny this summer"

Check out this great video posted by The Muny!

This is a recent article in the St.Louis Post about Altra-Air fans upcoming installation at the Muny, an outdoor theater in St. Louis. They are being installed to replace existing fans that were loud and distruptive during performances. Only a test fan has been installed to date.

"Their sound tests were the last step in deciding whether Muny audiences could enjoy music and a manufactured breeze at the same time."

Follow the link below to view the full article and see the video!

Ontario Energy Company Rebate Incentives - Limited Time Offer!

Utility companies offer a wide array of programs designed to encourage their end-users to reduce their energy consumption. Contact your local utilities company to discover what programs are out there.

Limited Time 50% Incentive Increase From Union Gas!

For more information on the current Ontario rebate program, please click here.

Enershield Air Barriers also qualify for these incentives.
Click here for more details.

New Altra-Air Fan Dairy Catalogue Now Available!

A new catalogue has been created with focus on Altra-Air HVLS fans in a dairy industry. This new document is now available for download on our website or contact your Envira-North representative to receive a print copy.

Please download pdf below. (6.55 MB)

Altra-Air Fan Dairy Catalogue (PDF)

To download from the Envira-North literature archive please click here.








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