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WhalePower Technology Frequently Asked Questions

What is WhalePower's Tubercle Technology™?

WhalePower TechnologyThe Tubercle Technology™ is a green power breakthrough which will allow a new generation of turbines, compressors, pumps and fans to deliver previously impossible levels of performance.

How does this technology differ from traditional air foils?

The bottom line is this: Tubercle Technology™ blades out-perform all conventional air foils. No other blade can deliver stall angles as high as 31 degrees. No other blade always stalls gradually. No other blade can eliminate span-wise pumping (the primary cause of efficiency loss in all rotating systems). No other blade can eliminate tip stalling (the primary cause of blade noise and damaging vibration).

How does the Tubercle Technology™ effect the Altra-Air Fan design and performance?

The blades dramatically increase the efficiency and stability of our units. Five blades can do the work of ten, noise is less than 1/5 of conventional fans and they consume 20% less power.








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