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Envira-North Systems sells our products and systems through a network of qualified dealers and distributors.

If we do not have a dealer in your area, we can provide you with what you need to reduce your energy consumption, increase your productivity and make for a more comfortable environment.

Please check out the dealer below and let them assist you in attaining a ventilation system that is right for your facility!

| AG Environmental Solutions Ltd.

Dave Walsh
Managing Director
Mobile: +353 86 7761327 (Ireland)
+973 36370447   (Bahrain)
Email: davewalsh@agenviro.eu

AG Environmental Solutions is exclusively a solution based company which offers its customers a complete range of products and services to deal with general Building Control issues and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

As AG Environmental Solutions only offers high tech engineered solutions, the level of service and  attention to detail is paramount. It is vital to us that our customers have a full understanding of how our engineered solutions work and what advantages we are offering over our competitors.

We offer unique high tech engineered solutions to combat common everyday building control issues.

Through our ROI calculators we can quite quickly demonstrate the monetary gains to our customers, but there is a lot more to our products then just monetary gains. Where the true value lies is in the customer having a full understanding of the long term benefits, both monetary and physical, over the life cycle of the products.

What differentiates AG Environmental Solutions from its competitors is in the offering of real solutions to real problems, and being able to prove beyond doubt that our engineered solutions work.


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